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Case Reports

We provide the following accounts of our patients who have succeeded in achieving better health. By seeing how others who have faced similar challenges and were able to overcome them, will give you hope that you could follow in their path.

Read the following testimonials and then give us call to get started with chiropractic care today!

Avoided Back Surgery

“For about six years I had been having very severe lower back pain, numbness in my leg and foot drop. I had limited mobility and little or no stamina. It worsened whenever I had to walk much, and sitting was even a problem sometimes.

An MRI showed I had advanced degenerative disc disease. It also showed severe narrowing of the openings where the nerves come out. My medical doctors prescribed Hydrocodone and Vicodin. These medications did not seem to help much. Eventually they recommended I have spinal surgery to decompress and possibly fuse the bones in my lower back together. I definitely did not want to go through surgery. I had already had knee surgery and my foot drop got much worse afterwards.

Then I saw a small ad in the paper that said something about a new approach to disc problems, something that had been discovered by NASA while astronauts were in space. I decided to look into it, so I called and requested a free report.

Boy am I glad I did. I was impressed with Dr. Woodward’s chiropractic office. The doctor was thorough. He took a detailed history even asking about possible traumas that happened years earlier. The examination was very complete. He checked the strength of several muscles. The movements of individual bones in my back were tested. My posture was evaluated, because he said if we fix your back and don’t change any posture problems that the back problem would likely come back. He even tested my feet to see if my arches were supporting me properly. I felt that Dr. Woodward was genuinely concerned with my improvement.

It was decided that I was a good candidate for the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Therapy. I knew this was my only option outside of surgery, so I started treatment. It was slow going at first, but I gradually began to feel better. The results have been amazing. My pain is almost totally gone. It is so nice to walk around without the severe pain I was having. I teach school, and coach basketball, so I can now concentrate better on my students and give them the attention they really need.

I’m convinced, it was an amazingly effective alternative to back surgery.”

Gratefully, Ronald L. House, Sr.

“I had several problems, including lower back pain with my monthly cycle. I also experienced chronic neck pain and frequent urination and poor bladder control. Dr. Woodward found I was suffering because of vertebral subluxation complex. My chiropractic treatment plan included a regimen of adjustments, home exercises and nutritional supplements. After a few months of treatment I no longer have back pain, my neck feels much better and I even have better control of my bladder. I also have much more energy and am not tired all the time.”

Lisa Kuczwara

“I suffered for 12 years with chronic and intense back pain and found no relief with standard medical treatments. I finally found relief with Chiropractic and Dr. Bob.”

Billy Anderson

“For about three months I had been having pain in my left hip. It was especially bad in the mornings, making it impossible to lift my leg. My girlfriend told me I should go see Dr. Bob. He examined and took some X-rays and found misalignment in my lower back. He called it subluxation complex. I began a course of chiropractic treatment and the hip pain gradually disappeared. It has been several months now and I hardly ever have any pain anymore.”

Ed Eichberger

“I was having severe lower back pain and pain all the way down my right leg. I wanted to treat the cause of the pain and allow my body to heal itself, rather than take some medication to “band-aid” the problem. I was very impressed with how Dr. Bob explains problems and solutions. I am the type to ask a lot of questions, and I always get a thorough explanation. My lower back pain has diminished greatly, very rarely experiencing any pain now. Dr.Woodward recommended chiropractic care to first relieve the existing pain and then a program to correct the underlying problems. It included adjustments, traction and mirror-image exercises. The process does take time, but is well worth it.”

Jami Wade